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By Mr. Lee

High quality tutoring and instruction is not equitably available to all students.


I am creating a series of high quality math videos to serve as a free and accessible resource for all. 


Hi! I am a public school teacher, tutor, and coach. As someone who has taught and tutored for over 10 years, I know how reliable resources can be hard to find. These videos are designed with course sequencing, curriculum, and progression in mind.


The Videos

These are high quality videos that are accessible to every student to replay, rewind, pause, slow down, speed up. The lessons were originally created for my students during the pandemic, but I hope that other educators and students can find use out of them. 

The Next Step

Representation matters. Especially in education. The mission of this project is to directly put financial resources into the hands of qualified students of color to help our most disadvantaged and marginalized students of color.


100% of money generated from YouTube and GoFundMe donations will go towards hiring students of color to tutor disadvantaged and at-risk middle school and elementary school students.


The Curriculum - YouTube Playlists

How Can You Help?

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